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    I'm beginning to understand your issue a bit further. This part here sort of confused me, "currently if preset to 200 with show more, so show more at 2000 he has to do this 9 times."

    After you do a search, next to the top check box there is a down arrow. If you click that, you can "Select all search results", that would save you the trouble have to click 9 times "Show more", Assuming all the search result is what you want though, else it very annoying having to find about 10-15 of 2000 results to uncheck before mass update.

    If you aware of this "Select all search" result button but don't find it fitting then I don't think there much workaround left available.

    If you are unaware of this button (it is quite hidden), and feel that your user/employee can't use it, you probably have to code for a large button that say "Select All".

    Lastly, now that I think about it, it be good if there is a number to say how many Checkbox is selected (hopefully someone feature request this).


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      The arrow is well known

      The subscribe option is missing here


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          I see, that a problem then, it not available as a Mass Update either.