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    The CLI method is also failing me. I use the manual upgrade process within EspoCRM itself under Admin > Upgrade. The exact same thing happens. I try to upgrade, it fails without any warning saying it did update. The version is the same and the CPU usage jumps from 2% to 25% with no users logged in.

    Manual upgrading via the GUI seems to work fine.
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      Bit conflicting here, Manual updating is not manual upload?

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    try GUI it might work for you. Make sure you put the application under maintenance mode and even disable cron jobs to avoid any issues.

    Good luck


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      Really couldn't find any information on adding more "From" email or multiple outgoing. I have finally figured out how to do it.


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        Off topic and no way related to EspoCRM but I finally found an CRM system that support what is known as "Double Entry" Accounting. Still exploring it but I thought I share it for anyone who is interested.

        I'm pretty sure previous update did not include this feature but look like newer version have the feature. If you don't want to read, basically check out: Dolibarr. I think I tested their v14 system, but with v15 they must have 'update' it.

        So will be mixing EspoCRM and Dolibarr for our use; hopefully it work as I can see in the Demo without too much pain in setting it up.
        For those you don't know Double Entry accounting, you can easily look it up. As for explaining it basically this:

        Debit | Credit | Balance
        I Pay You | You Pay Me | What my money now

        There various name for this (Debit Credit; for example: Payee & Payer) but it usually Debit, Credit, Balance for my country.

        I have tried many system out there, some does support this but most of it only do Invoice system (1 time transaction); whereas using this system it continuous overtime. Hopefully it got a Portal system too because that is where we be needing it for.

        In another time and another post I will list out the other option out there that failed to meet the requirement. But this call for a Celebration.

        PS: The reason why other system wasn't chosen but there is no Balance per item, it only calculate at the end/current latest time.


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          Hello espcrm,
          i have make this kind of debit/credit/balance with no big development, only by calculated field (readOnly) and sumRelated.

          as you see in print-screen (invoice), i have double debit/credit/balance.
          the other printscreen is on account, i sumRelated...
          and each month, we download from bank csv with all transaction.. and this put credit in invoice
          Witch is important, in belgium we have "structure communication", when invoice is created, espocrm create a unique "structured number", so this unique number can find the corresponding invoice and put credit value.

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            Hi item, that look great, can you share how it is done in EspoCRM?
            I have played Dolibarr a bit and it got some great feature but it is very restrictive in term of easy customization (unlike Espo). I'm still trying to get the Accounting module to work at the moment.

          • DashingUno
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            Hi @espcrm

            I guess we are from the same country)) Привет

            We did that too, Debit/Credit - Sberbank/VTB CSV export - works like a charm with basically a very short formulae
            Please get in touch ( as well as anybody else who needs it, I will be happy to share it ,after we discuss what exactly is the problem you are facing, since formulas are not universal))

            I apologies to English readers, this is like an eli5 for espcrm to make sure he understands what I'm talking about and how this relates to his issue

            Мы ведем 5 ООО, 1 ИП, и 2 самозанятых внутри Espo, от счетов в банке, общего баланса, выставления счетов/актов, до оф.писем с шапкой организации и карточками клиентов по продажам, Espo все умеет, причем без программирование - чисто на формулах, выходи в ЛС - пообщаемся, если нужно.

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          you must first ask how is the CSV of Bank.
          in attachment, ours CSV from bank i transform in XLSX.. and update "credit" with a jobs/service/button
          in green found unique invoice with structured communication.. in white not find, so user need to search.
          the big important is "mededeling" .. you need to give a unique number to "Account" or "Invoice" .. is at you to decide. (i do for invoice because double/credit/debit/balance, but i think better for Account if only one debit/credit/balance)

          balance is just a calculed field : debit + credit = balance .. if balance = 0 then it's done.

          You need to ask for have a CSV of Bank .. analyse document.. and then create a unique number "structured communication" for account/invoice and it's done

          Important, always work with positive value ! debit is positive, credit is positive !

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            I am sharing a video link showing some creative ideas on business situations where ESPO CRM can be very effectively deployed. This is a wonderful software and I thank ESPO CRM team Oleksii Avramenko, Yuri Kuznetsov, and Taras Machyshyn for their vision and ideas to develop this to meet all future needs for any business requirements.

            View the video at

            We can help all users in the forum with ideas on design, workflows to meet any kind of complex requirements, Mobile Apps with ESPO CRM, etc

            For ideas on more effective usage of ESPO CRM, please feel free to mail me at or call + 91 999 5986 888. I will be glad to help you and our services are free of cost.
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              • To add more value to ESPOCRM, you may bring relevant video tutorial links on the Dashboard of Users for quick reference. Attaching a screenshot of the dashboard created for a user.

                My users have found this very useful and I am sharing this here since you could also try in our instances.

                For free support and more ideas on how to add more value to ESPO CRM please feel free to mail me at or call +91 999 5986 888

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                This thread is quite quiet lately; here to revive it a little. Saw some good update with v7.2... I really need to find a way to upgrade my version 6 once 7.2 is release;

                Some good feature I'm looking forward to:
                Shortcut keys #2393
                Bottom panel tabs #2384
                Import Error skipping -


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                  Just a feature I'm been trying to get in EspoCRM.

                  Calculation - Adjustment of Bills

                  (Couldn't find where I made previously request this feature so posting a new version here).

                  Trying to see if it possible to add this in EspoCRM. It have a few calculation function which we can do it in Excel and but I would like to only use EspoCRM without having to use Excel, uploading it. Downloading it again, edit and re-upload if I need to make edit.

                  A screenshot can be seen below to see it in "action". And a breakdown of how it work.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	Bill Adjustment Feature.jpg Views:	24 Size:	55.2 KB ID:	82102

                  1) Bill Adjustment Date: The date we will be calculating everything.
                  2) Description: Text/Option we can type (easily done with Auto Complete option)
                  3) Amount: Each bill amount, in this example we only added 5 Bills, but we can have less or more, depending on situation. Similar to Invoice where we can just click "+" and it add another line, "-" and it remove a line.
                  4) From and To: The start date of the Bills and it Ending Date, in most case it 1 Year, but sometime it may be only 3 months. And varies depending on circumstances. So these date must be editable inline.
                  5) "As" - How is the Bill Calculated; Paid = It already been paid, "Unpaid" = It has not been Paid, "V-Allow" - It your bills/fee (Vendor) to cover not mine. Similar if we have Option: "P-Allow" then it "Purchaser Fee not Vendor Fee, so you pay for it Mr Vendor". These are just Label as example, but each type will determine how it is calculate. I can also send an Excel file if it easier to understand.

                  For Example:
                  In Bill 1 - Paid = Vendor Paid for it, so Purchaser need to Pay Back. The Annual Fee is $1000 (365 days), so from the 15th of August (Bill Adjustment Date) to the 30th of June 2023 it is 319 days. Meaning the Purchaser need to refund back to the Vendor $873.97.

                  Let look at Bill 3 - It is Unpaid, meaning the Vendor need to pay the Purchaser $87.40 because this is an Arrears/Unpaid Bills.

                  Bill 5 - "V-Allow" - There is no date here as you can see. This is because the Vendor that must pay this Bills, Purchaser not gonna pay for this one at all.

                  6) Total. if you sum the Vendor side and the Purchaser side you have: Vendor $237.40 and Purchaser $1613.42

                  So in total, the Purchaser have to Pay for the Vendor: $1376.03 once you calculate everything.

                  If there anything not clear. Please let me know.
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                  • dreginald
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                    This can be achieved in ESPO with Sales Pack and Advanced Pack, creating a temporary calculator entity and transferring this temporary values to the main module followed by recalculations, as per your logic. We can have a look if you could share access of your instance

                  • espcrm
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                    Hi dreginald thank you for the response.

                    I'm not sure if that will work.

                    Each "Case" have their own separate Bills that we calculated, these bills are not static and change for each case. And I need to show calculation of one of these, so 'temporary values' must be permanent and store-able values.

                    In a way it similar to the Sales Pack, but the Invoice system is an 'advanced' invoice. Our instances do not have Sales Pack nor have I create anything up to to replicate the possibly because I have no idea how this can be done with the EspoCRM we currently have.

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                  Most of the calculation functions in Excel can easily be achieved in ESPO and prima facie, your requirements seems to be achievable. You can share me the access of your application at a mutually convenient time and we can find a solution to this. I am contactable in +91 9995986888 or Skype ID dreginald938


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                    Hi everyone who read this thread! I finally got around to upgrade to v7 and therefore doing customization.

                    Watched this Tutorial Video finally and get a long time features I always wanted to do. I use the Real Estate Extensions to keep track of Address and meeting location. Anyway when create a Contact, I already have their address filled in, when I create a Property I have to copy/paste it, doesn't take long but it take additional works.

                    Finally followed the team on a how-to.

                    You can always watch it but here is the main code I end up with. It very simple, which you can do it yourself but if you don't feel like retyping or copy/paste then you can just use this. Secondly I notice that RealEstateProperty is the entity name but it look like you have to use the relationship name, hence the reason why I used relatedAttributeMap 'properties'.


                    File location:

                    Espo.define('custom:views/contact/detail', 'views/detail', function (Dep) {
                        return Dep.extend({
                            relatedAttributeMap: {
                                'properties': {
                                    'addressStreet': 'addressStreet',
                                    'addressCity': 'addressCity',
                                    'addressState ': ' addressState',
                                    'addressPostalCode': 'addressPostalCode',
                                    'addressCountry ': ' addressCountry',

                    ---- Opportunity


                    Espo.define('custom:views/realestateproperty/detail', 'views/detail', function (Dep) {
                    return Dep.extend({
                            relatedAttributeMap: {
                                'opportunities': {
                                    'addressStreet': 'name'
                                'historyEvents': {
                                    'addressStreet': 'name'
                                'meetings': {
                                    'addressStreet': 'name'


                    {   "views": {
                            "detail": "custom:views/realestateproperty/detail"
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                      Task not working in v7? Task 404, error? Anyway I upgrade from v6 to 7.2.4 and Task wasn't working. Finally got to around fixing it, the log didn't help much. It talk about a bad formula which I remove but still no result.

                      The issue was the "Dynamic-Checklist Extension" that I use, unfortunately I didn't upgrade the extension and there was a compatibility issue. Furthermore I think the newer version is no longer free to use.

                      Anyway to fix you will need to (not sure of exact step here):

                      1) Uninstall extension
                      2) Remove the field from layout and entity (task) fields
                      3) Clear cache and rebuild
                      4) Refresh browser
                      5) Try to create new task and see if it work. Look at Network (Press F12 on your keyboard) and see if there anything still link to Dynamic-Checklist.js.

                      Hopefully that will solve the issue if anyone like me.


                      • Kharg
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                        Dynamic Checklist is working for me on 7.2.7
                        You could try my updated version which adds Espo Alert UI for errors.

                      • espcrm
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                        Thank Kharg, your was updated recently. telecastg haven't update his since 2 years ago from the look of github history.

                        With your version, do I just download all, ZIP it and install?

                      • Kharg
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                        You will have to extract it and Zip the extension again, remove the file.
                        I will make a proper release when I have the time
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                      Hi all,

                      A user probably create a system for Property Sale/Purchase company ask me a question in PM. Posting in here as a Learning Experience.

                      Hi John Smith,

                      Thank you for your post. Hopefully I can get help. I should get pay for this! Just joking, perhaps in the future you can help other people or help yourself and post solution.

                      I will try where I can.

                      1. What tools/services to use in your Oppinion to create proffesional invoice look
                      I tried a few self-host invoice software but none of them is good enough or do what I need it to do. Like Ninja Invoice for example. The EspoCRM Invoices (Sale Pack) require payment so I can't force you to use that. I don't use it either. Currently I'm just using an old Desktop / PC software to do my invoicing. It customization is quite easy as there other business tool they have:

                      Unfortunately it is not free. So you might want to find other option. I will eventually get the EspoCRM Invoice extension because then I can link everything into one system instead of having multiple system currently.

                      2. How to /where to enter Data for Property Ownership % and based on this how to create Invoices for all seller/buyers

                      Unfortunately there is no good way to do this at the moment. I manually use Excel for these type of issue, sometime I invoice using Excel sheet as well. With my Property System, I'm currently storing very static data, thing that require constantly generate I don't use EspoCRM yet. I store thing like, "photo, bedroom number, bathroom number, landsize, value price, address, who is the owner Contact, who is living in the address, etc".

                      But thing that change through time, I don't use EspoCRM yet, until I can think of a good plan / set up. For example: Ownership %, Rentals, Tax/Cost/Bills. You have to create each field for each thing which I find not a good setup.

                      3. How to /where to enter Data for Agents Cooperation % based on this later calculation for Agents commision are done

                      See above, if this is easily doable, but I recommend you use Opportunity or Case field for this purpose. Property is static, house don't change. But Sale/Buy/Rental of property change though, so Opportunity and Case is best way to use.

                      Then you would create a field like, "Sale Price", "Commission %", then just use Formula to calculate these two field. Then link it to a Contact (Agents). But here where you can to go into field issue, you would like to write it somehow to do split correctly. Usually in my country we have 2 agent per property sale. So we can do something like this:

                      Create: Relationship Many:Many - Case:Contact - Name maybe: Agent1
                      Create: Relationship Many:Many - Case:Contact - Name maybe: Agent2

                      Create Field 1 in Case, "Agent 1 Commission", give it a value like: 40 (for 40%) or 0.4
                      Create Field 2 in Case, "Agent 2 Commission", then give it a value like 50 (50%)
                      Create Field 3 in Case, "Company Commission), then make it Read only.
                      Create Field 4 in Case, "Agent 1 Money", make it Read Only.
                      Create Field 5 in Case, "Agent 2 Money", make it Read Only.

                      Now you create a formula for these:
                      Agent1Money = Agent1Commision * SalePrice
                      Agent2Money = Agent2Commision * SalePrice
                      CommpanyCommission = ((100-Agent1Commision-Agent2Commision)/100)*SalePrice

                      I divide it by /100 because I used %... you can ask your math teacher if you confuse.

                      4. How to calculate Saller/Buyer commission (listing value multiplz x%)
                      I didn't read, this but the answer above.

                      5. How to incorporate Price List Variant (each Agency have different Price List)

                      Sorry, we don't do this so I don't think about it, but now that I think about it. You probably just have to create different Paid Scale or Team and information.

                      6. Some Invices are paid ot of Security Deposit in total amount
                      Not sure about this question, I assume your country and our country system (and the world) is not much different.

                      We do something like this:
                      Sale Price: $500,000
                      Deposit (by the Buyer): $50,000
                      Balance: $450,000

                      The agent take money from the deposit. So I guess you can do something like this along with the question 3. You do this with Formula

                      Let say commission is 5% for your company of Sale Price (I think you need another field here, I forgot to write this in Question 3). I'm writing this slightly different to give me more example.

                      CommissionRate: 5% or 0.05
                      TotalCommission = SalePrice * CommissionRate = $500,000*0.1 = $25,000

                      TotalCommission: $25,000
                      Agent1Commission = 70%
                      AgentMoney = TotalCommission*(Agent1Commission/100) = $25,000 * (70/100) = $17,500
                      CompanyCommission = ((100-Agent1Commission)/100) * TotalCommission = ((100-70)/100) * $25,000 = $7,500

                      Now do a few test and see if it work. Math wise it should work: $17,500 + $7,500 = $25,000. All good but if your calculation wrong then someone stealing your money! It must be the Formula.

                      Question: very expirianced in EspoCrm and PHP programing Language

                      LOL (laugh out loud), I would think you are a robot and I'm writing this for someone. My PHP or any programming suck.

                      Regarding invoicing i read maximus Post Real estate extension

                      Sorry I have no paid extension so I can't answer these question for you


                      I like the drawing / flowchart you made, that goes much further than I would. I just think in my mind and create field/layout as I go along since I'm (mostly) using this by myself with a few data entry people that don't need advance functions. I just tell them, "if something missing or could be done better, let me know so I can fix it". Since what I think is good may not be good for other people. What I think is all that is require may be lacking for other user. So I can slowly modify as people "complain".

                      Whereas with most people such as yourself you need to plan all this out in advance and get the system running and when it is launch it must be usable. You probably don't have luxury like I would in the development/modification.

                      However, you photo is too small I can't read most of the wordings. I can read some when zoomed in. And I almost lost all that I write here when I open the image, luckily the forum saved 90% of the text otherwise I would have just write, "Sorry can't help"! Thank vBulletin!

                      Perhaps once you set it up initially you can get a small team or the staff/agent to do a test to see their feedback and work after that. Then again most of our agent just get the Reception/Admin to do the work in my country.

                      Once again your flowchart is well thought out if I can see it. I can see some important words in there so you have it planned out. Just about getting everything to link/automate it on EspoCRM now.

                      PS: As this is quite a long post and it may help other people I will post the (name) redacted version my Learning Thread. Perhaps someone can learn from it.​


                      • shalmaxb
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                        For invoicing I used Invoice Plane so far, simple self-hosted invoicing, but unfortunately does not support higher than PHP 7.4

                        I searched a lot and in the end decided for this:

                        Kimai (

                        It is a complete time tracking software with invoicing and a lot of other features. It is free and maintained.
                        If I had the skills to integrate that into espoCRM would be great. But as I do not have these skills, I created a link in my espoCRM, which opens my instance of Kimai.

                      • espcrm
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                        Thank shalmaxb! I tried both previously, it didn't fit our purpose so I abandon it after few hours trial, setup and test. But it is a good choice that serve it purpose. But it lack what I want it to do so I just went back to Excel.

                        Every few months I would drive into search for a possible to replace, no luck so far.

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                      Incase people missing in the update of v7 (not sure exact version), where Hotkey shortcut was introduced. But now we can "Shift" Click on checkbox to multiple select, this made editing Email much easier!

                      A well loved feature if anyone didn't about it.