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    The CLI method is also failing me. I use the manual upgrade process within EspoCRM itself under Admin > Upgrade. The exact same thing happens. I try to upgrade, it fails without any warning saying it did update. The version is the same and the CPU usage jumps from 2% to 25% with no users logged in.

    Manual upgrading via the GUI seems to work fine.
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      Bit conflicting here, Manual updating is not manual upload?

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    try GUI it might work for you. Make sure you put the application under maintenance mode and even disable cron jobs to avoid any issues.

    Good luck


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      Really couldn't find any information on adding more "From" email or multiple outgoing. I have finally figured out how to do it.


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        Off topic and no way related to EspoCRM but I finally found an CRM system that support what is known as "Double Entry" Accounting. Still exploring it but I thought I share it for anyone who is interested.

        I'm pretty sure previous update did not include this feature but look like newer version have the feature. If you don't want to read, basically check out: Dolibarr. I think I tested their v14 system, but with v15 they must have 'update' it.

        So will be mixing EspoCRM and Dolibarr for our use; hopefully it work as I can see in the Demo without too much pain in setting it up.
        For those you don't know Double Entry accounting, you can easily look it up. As for explaining it basically this:

        Debit | Credit | Balance
        I Pay You | You Pay Me | What my money now

        There various name for this (Debit Credit; for example: Payee & Payer) but it usually Debit, Credit, Balance for my country.

        I have tried many system out there, some does support this but most of it only do Invoice system (1 time transaction); whereas using this system it continuous overtime. Hopefully it got a Portal system too because that is where we be needing it for.

        In another time and another post I will list out the other option out there that failed to meet the requirement. But this call for a Celebration.

        PS: The reason why other system wasn't chosen but there is no Balance per item, it only calculate at the end/current latest time.


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          Hello espcrm,
          i have make this kind of debit/credit/balance with no big development, only by calculated field (readOnly) and sumRelated.

          as you see in print-screen (invoice), i have double debit/credit/balance.
          the other printscreen is on account, i sumRelated...
          and each month, we download from bank csv with all transaction.. and this put credit in invoice
          Witch is important, in belgium we have "structure communication", when invoice is created, espocrm create a unique "structured number", so this unique number can find the corresponding invoice and put credit value.

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            Hi item, that look great, can you share how it is done in EspoCRM?
            I have played Dolibarr a bit and it got some great feature but it is very restrictive in term of easy customization (unlike Espo). I'm still trying to get the Accounting module to work at the moment.

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          you must first ask how is the CSV of Bank.
          in attachment, ours CSV from bank i transform in XLSX.. and update "credit" with a jobs/service/button
          in green found unique invoice with structured communication.. in white not find, so user need to search.
          the big important is "mededeling" .. you need to give a unique number to "Account" or "Invoice" .. is at you to decide. (i do for invoice because double/credit/debit/balance, but i think better for Account if only one debit/credit/balance)

          balance is just a calculed field : debit + credit = balance .. if balance = 0 then it's done.

          You need to ask for have a CSV of Bank .. analyse document.. and then create a unique number "structured communication" for account/invoice and it's done

          Important, always work with positive value ! debit is positive, credit is positive !

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            I am sharing a video link showing some creative ideas on business situations where ESPO CRM can be very effectively deployed. This is a wonderful software and I thank ESPO CRM team Oleksii Avramenko, Yuri Kuznetsov, and Taras Machyshyn for their vision and ideas to develop this to meet all future needs for any business requirements.

            View the video at

            We can help all users in the forum with ideas on design, workflows to meet any kind of complex requirements, Mobile Apps with ESPO CRM, etc

            For ideas on more effective usage of ESPO CRM, please feel free to mail me at or call + 91 999 5986 888. I will be glad to help you and our services are free of cost.
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              • To add more value to ESPOCRM, you may bring relevant video tutorial links on the Dashboard of Users for quick reference. Attaching a screenshot of the dashboard created for a user.

                My users have found this very useful and I am sharing this here since you could also try in our instances.

                For free support and more ideas on how to add more value to ESPO CRM please feel free to mail me at or call +91 999 5986 888

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                This thread is quite quiet lately; here to revive it a little. Saw some good update with v7.2... I really need to find a way to upgrade my version 6 once 7.2 is release;

                Some good feature I'm looking forward to:
                Shortcut keys #2393
                Bottom panel tabs #2384
                Import Error skipping -