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    I would like to offer to expand the functionality of the design layouts. Now you can make two fields in one line and these fields stretch themselves depending on each other or just depending on the size of the layout width, but it is not right and not nice. For example, if you put a lot of boolean it turns tasteless and ugly.

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    > but it is not right and not nice

    It's not right to stretch? I don't agree.

    You can add more items into a row if you edit a layout file manually.


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      Personally, I'm inclined to agree with yurikuzn that the stretching is correct. Why would it not be right?

      The only suggestion I have regarding the layout is that by default, I'd like to see 3 columns as standard rather than two to increase layout flexibility.

      Again, personally, I don't see any need for more than this as I think 3 columns would allow a decent amount of layout customisation which would look good with all field types.


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        take a look at this extension:
        This account 's been deprecated, u can find me here:
        wtsapp | 905366891649


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          I planned to add a support of 3 and 4 columns in a row. There is a PR on github adding this ability.
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          Hi yurikuzn, I have a question to a posting from 2017 that has been archived online but can not be found in the recent forum. Could you please contact me via PM? I don't think anyone else would be able to help me with that problem.



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            Originally posted by ayman.alkom View Post
            take a look at this extension:
            and where to download it? I was just talking about that. I'm sorry, that may be not well written (lost in translation)