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Ability to adjust default filter under any entity

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  • Ability to adjust default filter under any entity

    Ability to add and customize default filters for all users via GUI. As the DB grows it takes longer and longer to load a page/entity such as accounts and or opportunities because the default is to show all items within that entity. Currently in my db as an example is takes 4 sec for the accounts screen to show any items. If I add a filter manually for example the last 30 days it takes less than 1 sec to display and move on.

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    In the next version lists should load a bit faster.


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      A little faster but still takes 2-3 seconds to display "Accounts".
      Can I add a default filter via GUI to display the last 30 days by default for all users? (takes less than .5 seconds to display this way)


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        how many records per page do you display?


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          30 results at a right corner shows the total number of 11,800+ records.


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            add here (in your instance)
            if ($entityType == "{YourEntityName}") {$GLOBALS['log']->error($sql);}

            After go to list view. then remove added row.
            Now you can check the sql, built for getting the list. Do you see, how to optimize the query?


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              I will live with it as is for now, until it 1. becomes unbearable or 2. its added as a feature through updates/enhancements.

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            Hi Khopper, 3 s comes for 11k records sounds unviably slow (we haven’t load tested yet). I was viewing a Espo as speed orientated but we have more accounts than that on our 10 year old sugar system and it loads in sub 300ms.

            What server spec are you using? CPU, RAM, SSD? Are you apache or Ngnix?



            • khopper
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              It's just the Accounts List. I have it limited to display the first 30 records but it does give you count of all records in the DB.
              Everywhere else it is is no problem. I have been considering upgrading my equipment to SSD's

              VMware ESXi Host - Dell PowerEdge R710, 2 - Xeon L5520 2.27 GHz, 64GB RAM, 6 - 1TB 7200 RPM Drives in Raid 5, 4-Port 1GB
              VM Specs -1 CPU - 4 cores, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, 1GB NIC
              Ubuntu LTS 14.04, Apache2, MySQL 5.6
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            Here is a screen shot of the load time using the developer tools in chrome.
            No Filters, all I did was a refresh on the Accounts Screen.
            I even dropped it to showing the first 20 records from what it was at 30 records.
            This was with only 1 user logged into the system being myself.

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              This would be a great Feature to be able to manage via the GUI! Currently Running Version 5.3.6