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Microsoft 365 dropped support for IMAP - Outlook Integration OAUTH

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  • Microsoft 365 dropped support for IMAP - Outlook Integration OAUTH

    Hello EspoCRM'ers.

    since two days our EspoCRM refused to get emails from an office365 Account which was configured with IMAP.

    As part of the error solving I found out that microsoft dropped the support for IMAP fromt this october on.

    Now we can't receive emails on espoCRM with IMAP so we need to use OAUTH to get the emails.

    Luckily EspoCRM provides an Outlook Integration Extensions where it says in the documentation:

    "Oauth authentication is available in Outlook Integration extension. It provides a secure authentication for Office 365 accounts. With this extension, you won’t need to store your Outlook password in EspoCRM.​".

    That means without this extension and the ability to use oauth (thats the only thing we need) we can't use EspoCRM anymore with Office 365.

    Currently there is a way to change the settings in your 365 Account, so you can reenable usage of basic authentication of IMAP. But it's only available until 1'th of January 2023.
    One month from today, we’re going to start to turn off basic auth for specific protocols in Exchange Online for customers who use them. Since our first announcement nearly three years ago, we’ve seen millions of users move away from basic auth, and we’ve disabled it in millions of tenants to proacti...

    I haven't tested it, but hopefully it should work.

    Is anyone here already using the Outlook Integration and uses OAUTH with Microsoft 365? Would it solve our problem?

    With kind regards

    Lukas Klepper
    Software Development & Administration
    ekkodale GmbH

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    if I remember, you can create app password in your account office365

    It is no longer possible to re-enable Basic Auth or use App passwords. You'll need to use one of the OAuth 2.0 flows: OAuth 2.0 with Office365/Exchange IMAP/POP3/SMTP OAuth 2.0 web flow with Office365/Exchange IMAP/POP3/SMTP OAuth 2.0 password grant with Office365/Exchange IMAP/POP3/SMTP OAuth 2.0 device flow with Office365/Exchange IMAP/POP3/SMTP OAuth 2.0 client credential flow


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      Hi item,

      If I understand correctly this dosen't work because Microsoft turned off the basic authentications for IMAP.
      In the disclaimer at the beginning it says:

      "As blocking Basic authentication will block app passwords in Exchange Online/Office 365, we recommend using OAuth flows".
      Correct me if im wrong, but OAuth is only available in the Outlook Integration Extension.

      Otherwise the app passwords seems like its just another way to login so you don't need to share the "main" password.


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        Yes this seems correct.
        So if EspoCRM won't adapt the login to oauth, we won't be able to use EspoCRM anymore in the future, as we use Microsoft365 and Outlook Online.


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          It seems this was already discussed on GitHub in an Issue.

          I'll quote yuri from there:

          I thought about moving code parts related to email account oauth from paid extensions to OS, but there are two issues: one technical, second is that I need an approval from my partners. 3rd issue that we still have a war in our country and situation is not very promising, so such small problems are not perceived as problems at all in comparison.
          This was on 27 Jun.

          Until now, I didn't even know that the company behind espoCRM is in Ukraine.
          Of course it's understandable that this has no priority.


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            Probably the best alternative at the moment to continue using EspoCRM and Outlook is simply to purchase the Outlook extension.

            There was a free extension announced, but I am not sure if it could help:
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              Originally posted by telecastg View Post
              Probably the best alternative at the moment to continue using EspoCRM and Outlook is simply to purchase the Outlook extension.
              That does not work for us, because we don't use Outlook, but webmail. So sadly that is not an option.


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                Originally posted by telecastg View Post
                Probably the best alternative at the moment to continue using EspoCRM and Outlook is simply to purchase the Outlook extension.
                So far, that extension does not work. I tried to set it up in the demo environment prior to purchasing. If it worked, I would already be on my way because it seems to be exactly what my sales folk need! Sadly, I'm getting an access denied error. Not sure what's causing it and I'm not willing to buy the extension if we cant get some guarantee it will work in production.

                Originally posted by telecastg View Post
                There was a free extension announced, but I am not sure if it could help
                It does not. there is zero explanation how to use it.
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                  Explained here:
                  Hi guys! Correct me if I am wrong, but Google and Microsoft will not support classic IMAP/SMTP username/password authentication, now they will require the OAuth 2.0 authentication. There are many articles about this topic,

                  Espo: OAuth is working only with Outlook extension.
                  Espo: Send E-Mail from Group Mailbox via office365 smtp is working only with a O365 "full mailbox", not a O365 sharedMailbox. IMAP works with both O365 sharedMailbox and "full mailbox".​


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                    Another month went by. We are close to the deadline. Are there any news related to this?


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                      calm down.
                      1. You CAN still use imap/smtp with your o365. If you don't than it's probably matter of your o365 configuration. We use it in our EspoCRM without any issues.
                      2. You CAN use shared mailboxes through imap/smtp thanks to your personal mailbox. We're doing it in EspoCRM.
                      3. If you want to use o365 through oAuth, simply purchase official outlook extension.

                      If you want to test it, please order EspoCRM cloud demo, where you have access to outlook extension and you can check everything in safe environment.

                      As far as i know, EspoCRM devs are thinking about moving part of code from paid extension to EspoCRM:
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                        we dont have a special configuration and it does not work.
                        And with Outlook extension we get:
                        Fehler 500
                        Outlook Oauth: Error after requesting GET; Reason: Access is denied. Check credentials and try again.. Code: 403.


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                        Fixed, see here
                        What it says on the tin. After IMAP has been disabled in o365, my company is kind of scrambling to get something back up and working to capture emails. The solution SEEMS to be the outlook integration, but I cant get it to work. We don't want to just buy the integration if it's not going to work so I requested a demo and am


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                          Mine stopped working today... i was using APP Password for MSO365, and found this
                          SO the only solution is to buy the extension? Please confirm if there is a way around. thanks


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                            can fetch mails with group accounts. Sending does not work. error 500, log says auth failed