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Creating "Title" field (addition text comments note field)

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  • Creating "Title" field (addition text comments note field)

    I have create a few new relationship which link perfectly. The issue is that it just link and I can't put a note on that linkages. I have to either use the Stream comments, description, activity or anything else to note the relationship.

    Is there a way to create this type of field (see screenshot), where I can write information (in this case it Title) with that relationship.

    I looked through the Entity Manager and Entity Layout. There is a few "Visibility" code in the Manager but it doesn't seem to be the way to create this type of special field.

    TLDR: How to create new Title field highlight in red circle.

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    If I understand correctly, you want to have a "Comments" field in the entity Account and display that field in the Contact detail form when you select the Account. If that is right, you can do that as follows:

    1) Go to Administration->Entity Manager and add field type text "Comments" to Account, then add a field type foreign "AccountComments" to Contact and specify "Account" as the link and "Comments" as the field.

    2) Go to Administration->Layout Manager and add the field "AccountComments" to the Contact Detail and Detail Small views.

    That should display the value of Comments in the Contact form and will not create an actual field in the database.


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      Originally posted by telecastg View Post
      Thanks telecastg, that is something I also wanted to do but it not what I'm asking. Recently saw this post and I decided to just test it:

      What you showing is good for Data display which is what Marcus is asking.

      What I'm asking is, how can I get a "Title 2" field in there. Because I want to create "Title" for another relationship for example, Account > Opportunity.
      Maybe I should do a drawing.


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        check this post may help in your case

        I am pleased to announce for the new module "EspoCRM Link Multiple Inline Form", tell me if you found it useful, You can display any additional fields from the related item, also you can edit them inline


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          Came across this post by the great telecastg

          Look like this is how we would need to do it if we can to create another "Title2" field.