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  • Missing Files ?

    Not sure if it is me ... but the most recent download from GitHub has missing files when I extract it 11,990,00 in size... no api or vendor directories ... when I look at the download from v7.1.9 it is 34,750,000 in size

    Are the current files changes that need to be applied ... I am building a new system after 3 years of using this amazing product but I cannot get a full download from from Github to install ... if I go back to 7.1.9 all those missing files are there and it installs

    Thank You

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    What kind of download are we talking about? And which link did you download it from?
    Please try to download from here
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      Thank you Victor I will try that ... I have a new system and trying to restore database and files ... will start from scratch with this file

      So I had issues with myCentos 7 instance and had to upgrade the O/S to U20.04 I have not had any success in restoring the database ... since Centos 7 updates are harder to get I moved to U20.04.

      I notice that there are some new columns in 7.3.x but I am gettting Error 500 at login

      Is there a way to transfer to another O/S ?

      I even tried updating Mysql from 7 to 8 on my old server

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        I need to transplant a MySQL database from Centos7 to Ubuntu 20.04 I have updated the existing to MySQL 8.0.11 to be compatible with the Ubuntu instance
        When I do restore I cannot login ... the login is fine before the DB restore and I have copied the data/uploads ... is there something I am missing


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        Thank you for the response I will try that


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          Many thanks helping get past this point

          Is there an easy way to restore Custom entities ?


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            I was not aware that all of my added tables and added fields to existing tables could not be restored from a database restore .. Is there documentation for that


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            Many thanks ... grazie ... merci