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  • Stream - Notes - Modified at- Doesn't work

    Hello everyone,

    I use the CRM in German. And I have a field in the companies called "Ereignisse" (stream). I use this to update information. For example, results of phone calls or emails.
    This also works and the entries are saved.

    But in the company list there is column modifiedat, which I display to see progress. However, the entries for events (stream) are not taken into account there.
    How can I ensure this? Other fields, however, do.
    How can I assign this status to the modifiedat field?​

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    Please make the audit trail active in the fields that is being edited by clicking on Audited (updates in these fields will be in the stream).


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      Hi there, thank for your quick response. What is audit trail active in the fields?


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        ​Entity Manager> Select the fields and Tick on Audited. Screenshot below. Modified At field is a system created field and you cannot add Audited in Modified At. Other fields you can click Audited and any update that happens on the field will get posted in the stream

        Click image for larger version

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          I think his issue is, that manual updates to the stream field (e.g add a note) do no update the "Modified At" field.


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            Hi MediaBerg,

            1. In Administration > Entity Manager > Account > Fields create a modifiedAtStream field, in the settings of which check the Audited option (screenshot 1).
            2. In Administration > Entity Manager > Account > Formula > Before Save Custom Script create a simple Formula (screenshot 2):
            HTML Code:
            modifiedAtStream = modifiedAt;
            As a result, you will have the values ​​of the field modifiedAtStream recorded in the Stream, which in turn takes the value from the field modifiedAt (screenshot 3).​
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