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E-mail filter for existing contacts

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  • E-mail filter for existing contacts

    I have some colleagues who do a lot of sales and a lot of other stuff as well.
    Would love to set a filter to only import e-mail that originates or is destinated at any e-mail address in Espo CRM contacts.
    Is that possible to set up somehow?

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      Thanks for the quick reply victor but I did not mean as a temporary filter (I realise my vague question) But I mean a filter so that the email is not imported at all unless there is a match.
      So for example if we have registered 1000 contacts in Espo Contacts, only conversations with those should be imported.


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        It looks like you are talking about Email Filters: You can create them in Administration > Email Filters.


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          victor Could be a good place to look but I dont think anything like this is implemented.
          What I am after is that if I have a sales person, lets call him John. He got his e-mail address from us
          He use this e-mail address in his work, but he decided to also use it personally so he send and receive email from his friends and family. He get a couple of newsletters etc.

          Now what would ve really great would be a checkbox like "Filter out emails not in Contacts". So that only emails to and from the contacts registered in Espo would be recorded.