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Best way to buy the team coffee?

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  • Best way to buy the team coffee?

    Hello all,

    I am beginning to see Espo has been around for years, and I have showed up very late in a long adventure.

    I wonder: in the past more than a decade, what has been the best way to send coffee to the F/OSS team?

    It is tradition! Coffee, beer, pizza... how do we send these? Is the only way to purchase extensions?

    Also, where did the word "Espo" come from, in EspoCRM?

    And what are our long-term goals?

    Love Espo more the more I work with it. Thanks team //

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    As of now the only way to support the team is by buying official extension, it would be nice to have a donation option.

    Contributing to the success of the CRM by helping with features and bug fixes is another way probably

    Here's some articles that tells the story of EspoCRM:

    In brief Since 2011, our company helps businesses to develop faster and succeed. In 2014, we released EspoCRM, a platform that solves simple and tough challenges a company faces at each stage of its lifecycle, from basic customer relationship management to complex business process automation.

    EspoCRM is an easy-to-use open source customer relationship management (CRM) tool designed to be fast, simple, and customizable.

    Hello! Who are you and what business did you start?Hi! My name is Oleksii Avramenko. I’m one of the founders of EspoCRM, an open-source CRM application that helps to grow businesses. Our platform is a feature-rich and affordable solution that was designed with the needs of small and mid...


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      Good to see you here also Kharg after just running into you on GitHub as well. You seem to be very active: is OSOM you? I may have asked this already.

      Working on helping with support, then moving into fixes, then moving into fixes. It is amazing to look back and see I only started using Espo this Quarter still.

      I am acclimating with daily use before I jump in fully! And I would love to perhaps sponsor work in the future as well as individually contribute code and energy.

      Thanks for the links!


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        Osom is Laimonas he is a talented developer

        Also spreading the word will help EspoCRM success for sure


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          Paid extension and cloud is their only monetary at the moment.


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            This is really cool idea, I would like to "pay thank you" to the whole team as well as they are super helpful and always putting extra effort to help us with the issues we are dealing with.


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              Fully agreed Jakub Grufik! In addition to code and support contributions we can make, I would still do a tip jar. Maybe even monthly on an auto-withdraw as a "pay thank you"

              What is your area of focus and depth of understanding of Espo and how long have you been working with it?


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                Maybe we could find local shops and if the team has an office, send lunch. Otherwise, put together community purchases and buy their coffee forever. That would be cool. The community buys all the snacks and coffee in the labs... that would be an awesome new level of tradition in F/OSS.


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                  I don't think you want commitment. I certainly don't and not sure how many share the same thinking but it is understandable if you are on the other side of the fence.

                  That not to say we shouldn't celebrate a certain days. Like those anniversary for example.


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                    Count me on the same page with a hassle allergy. It would be an nearly-automated purchase and drop-shipping activity, if one's internal support brigade has Advanced Pack

                    Seriously though, would not be hard to do with their own tools they made, some insight into what they like, and then a buy loop. I feel you on the "less work" piece, but gotta love automated workflows integrated with b2b processes