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  • Osom CRM - Lithuania

    What we do
    • Extensions for EspoCRM
    • CRM implementation
    • B2B systems development
    • Consulting (40 € / h +VAT)
    Take a closer look at our extensions portfolio at

    Some extensions are paid while others are free, but you can always contribute to our developers' work by donating as much money as you like.

    Our experience

    Since 2018 we develop EspoCRM internally, and since 2021 we started creating custom extensions and implementing EspoCRM for external clients.

    +370 5 207 8214

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    Wow suddenly so many new extension. Hope to see more of your work.

    I'll be giving some of the Free extension a try . I like this EmailField, haven't think of a way to use it yet.

    But it interesting that in the Documents it say, "Field can't be delete afterward". It look like it will be permanent new field until a solution or update come along.
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      espcrm thanks for the feedback. Our Email field has identical functionality as the original Email field in Leads/Contacts/Accounts. You can use it in workflows/flowcharts, find it in dynamic logic or reports, and use Opted-Out/invalid options. But you cannot delete it, as you cannot delete the Email field in Leads/Contacts/Accounts. We might add a "remove field" option in a later version.​