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  • Portal Account marge

    Is there any way to merge the portal user account with the general user?

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    Hi kumaresan,

    Please describe in more detail the ultimate purpose of such a merge. I just don't quite understand your point yet. After all, Regular User, according to his role, can see and do everything that a Portal User does, without entering the Portal.


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      Hi victor, Let me explain the scenario because I have a similar issue.

      We have Users in EspoCRM and portal users. That we can manage with the Teams and Access Control by specifying the type like Admin or Regular.

      We do have Portal User that can create by mapping the Business Contacts.

      What I understand about Mr. kumaresan question is, He wants to merge all Portal users with Regular Users with a set of Roles to access the defined area.
      Along with this if we can move all the history of Portal users like cases he created streams.


      • victor
        victor commented
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        Hi Sunil Acharya,

        Maybe you mean the possibility to assign created leads, cases, accounts by Portal User to Regular User? (By the way, your screenshots are not displayed).

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      Yes victor you are right I want to move all history of Portal Users to General User. Images may be not visible due to Espo CRM policy you can check with the below link.

      Visit this link to see the note. Giving the URL to anyone allows them to access the note, too.


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        Sunil Acharya,

        If we are talking about a one-time change of filtered and selected records, then you can use Mass Update.
        Or do you need Portal User to select (be able to assign) Regular User to the created Regular user record?​
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        • Sunil Acharya
          Sunil Acharya commented
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          It's fine to assign or mass update. The main issue is to merge the Portal User into a Regular User.