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  • calendar color options

    Hello Community,

    I've been working in the calendar lately and was wondering wether the possibility exists to mark an appointment in different color’s that imply the status e.g. : accepted(green), rejected(red) … ?
    In particular I am interested in the type of appointment that I send to the customer which he can then either accept or deny. To make it easy for me a color change in the calendar would be very helpful.

    Currently on rejection the appointment in the calendar disappears. So I would assume the possibility exists to implement such a functionality.

    Preferably I would like it to be:

    Confirmed : Green or green dot / something in involving the Color green.
    Not decided yet: Orange.
    Rejected: Red with an exclamation mark and it should be still visible.

    It would also be fine if just the text color would change however the above solution might be superior.

    Does anyone have an Idea how to approach this?

    Thank you in advance​

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    check this thread it might help you


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      Thanks rabii, it helped me to solve a similar issue.


      • shalmaxb
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        Hi, posting a solution is always welcome.

      • rabii
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        i am glad it did.

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