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File upload documents (attachment) timeout error

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  • File upload documents (attachment) timeout error

    Hi everyone,

    I have started to have the following problem since a couple of weeks ago (it was working perfectly before)

    When i try to upload a file (1mb) , i get the uploading... info (attached image) and it take ages and the a timeout error is displayed.

    I have tried with several files, always the same error.

    The strangest thing is that if i upload a very small file, like 200kb, no problem, it works.

    No changes has been done to Espo or to the hosting server that i know of.

    Anyone with or had the same problem?

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    Could you have a look in Administrator-> System Requirements. There are the last five lines in PHP configuration. Might be, that there is something wrong configured, which would mean it has to be changed on the server.


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      Dumb question, but check if your Harddrive/Hosting isn't full.

      Try uploading different file type.
      Try uploading it in a default entity and not one of your custom one.


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        Checked the Administrator-> System Requirements, everything SUCCESS
        Tried to upload different files types, jpg, png, pdf, same error.
        Tried to upload directly to documents entity, same error.
        Hosting has plenty of free space

        PHP version 7.1.33
        EspoCrm version 5.7.4

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          you might need to tweak some settings for attachments see

          under administration/Setting at the bottom there is a section for attachments configuration try to make Upload Chunk Size (Mb)‚Äč = 0 to disable uploading by chunks.


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            One more test I suppose would be, try uploading in Stream? If you still fail, I have exhaust all possibility within my limited knowledge.

            By the way, you are not using that AWS/Amazon (something) Storage right?


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              Hi all,

              After some unsuccessful tests i have reported the problem to the hosting company and they have make some changes on their side that seems to have solved the problem.

              Not sure what it was but it's working now... i will ask them what was the problem and get back to you so it could help someone with the same problem.


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                Did you ever get an answer from your hosting?


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                  Hi shalmaxb,

                  Sorry for the delay...

                  After some help requests to my hosting, they have updated or changed some setting on the system and the problem was solved. Not really sure what it was

                  Anyway i have now another really strange problem... i will create a new post about it.

                  Thanks guys for your help