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  • Lead to Contact conversion

    Hey everyone,

    i noticed if i convert a lead to a contact, the lead "with the same name as the new contact" still shows up in the search.
    But why do i want to keep finding a converted lead in the search? I noticed that since i was missing an appointment which i assigned to the Lead instead to the Contact.

    Do you delete the converted lead afterwards?

    Im curious.


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    it is a good practice to keep the converted lead as source where the contact come from. you can disable search on the lead and the system will not include leads in search/


    • keda
      keda commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for the response. How can i disable the search on them? edit. found it in Administration, settings, search.
      Would be awesome to only exclude converted leads. but it will do it i guess.
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    if you disable the search fields on the lead then the system will not search for any of the lead entity's attribute doesn't matter if lead converted or not


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      It would be a huge convenience boost to be able to disable search on converted leads instead of all leads. I might want to look up a name in the global search because i dont know if its a Contact or Lead. Would this be something for a feature request yuri ?