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    Hello community,
    I'm trying to create a relation: for the entity "case"

    I have a contact and want to create a case for it. then the name of the case should automatically be the name of the customer.

    but I don't know how to set that in entity manager. I keep getting the message "already available".

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    and while I'm at it ☺️
    ... I created and added a new field (attachments) for "Meetings" and fit „contacts“. can I also create a relation here that the attachments are always assigned to the "contact"?
    So I imagine it like this: I create a task or a meeting and the attachments used there are also visible under "Contact".


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      For the case and contact you don't need to add a relationship by default the crm has configured a relationship between contacts and cases, you just need to add the relationship panel on the contact detail page, go to administration/entity manager/contact - select layout and on left side click on bottom panels and just drag and drop relationship you want to appear on contact's detail page. see attached screenshot.

      regarding second question, if you add attachment to meetings the attachment will be show only to the meeting even if you add a relationship it won't work, attachment field should be linked to only one entity, you can try and use formula so when a meeting is created for a specific contact then you can create a new document for that contact from the attachment of the meeting.

      Good luck
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        First of all, thank you for your message!
        But perhaps I expressed myself a bit unfavorably? =)

        I want the last name to be "automatically" created as the name of the "task" or case.I'll try to explain it with a few pictures =)

        As you can see, I create a User named "Max Mustermann". -->

        and now when I create a new task (or case) from here, I want the last name to be automatically created as the name of the task. -->


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          Hello Karsten

          this should be realisable with Formula or a workflow.