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Two Different applications Laravel and ESPO CRM. need only login through ESPO CRM

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  • Two Different applications Laravel and ESPO CRM. need only login through ESPO CRM

    Hey guys,

    I have developed some functions using the Laravel platform and also used some data from espoCRM using espoCRM API. I've created a login for the Laravel application using the Laravel program, as well as CRM also have it's own login. My manager wants only one login. Is it possible to create a login or redirection link for Laraval inside your CRM?

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    Hey guys,

    Does anyone have any idea how to do this thing?

    Looking for help


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      what do you mean ? laravel has its own authentication system, i am not sure i understand what you have achieved or what you want to achieve. can you explain further.


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        Dear rabii

        We are using ESPO CRM for three years now. But I am a Laravel developer. I have already completed several modules using Laravel. I have completed this with a separate login using Laravel. There is a separate login in ESPO CRM as well. Therefore the user has to use both logins while working. The office management wants to keep only one login. That means only the ESPO CRM has to be used to login after that the login developed using Laravel has to be built to a stage where they can be assessed


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          with help of google translate, but certainly not a perfect idea but maybe a explain of fondation :

          you need a central point of "authentification".
          espoCRM can connect to Active Directory or OpenLDAP
          Laravel have certainly some opensource module for OpenLDAP.

          so you need a "central point" AD or Ldap .. and connect Laravel and espoCrm to that.
          so you create User in AD or Ldap .. and user can connect Laravel or espoCrm with same login/pass.

          After, there are token, expirationTime, oneLoginByIP in setting of espoCRM.. how is laravel ?

          Who have capacity of develop a "extension" for espoCRM who can act as "LDAP server" ?

          You need search Active Directory, LDAP .. and there are some doc on whith how connect