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Personal Email Accounts "Sent" Mails not fetched

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  • Vadym
    Hi irisnet,

    "Specify what folders to monitor in Monitored Folders field. By default, it is set to INBOX. If you use some external email client to send emails, you can add Sent folder to archive those emails":

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  • DavidatEspo
    Try to delete email account in Espo and created new one, solved a similar problem for me!

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  • irisnet
    started a topic Personal Email Accounts "Sent" Mails not fetched

    Personal Email Accounts "Sent" Mails not fetched

    Personal Email Accounts "Sent" Mails not fetched, if they are sent from an external email client (e.g. Apple Mail, WebMail Client).
    If they are send from the integrated email client they are fetched, incoming emails work fine as well.

    Is there an option to change this behaviour?

    We are using 7.0.8
    Personal Email Configuration:
    Monitor Folders: INBOX
    Put in Folder: None
    Keep Fetched Emails Unread: checked
    Store Sent Emails: checked
    Sent Folder: Sent

    Cron is working, nothing in the error log.

    In the Sent folder we can see the e-mail using external e-mail clients.

    Thanks for your help in advance.