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  • Fixed Text Field to all Contacts


    Is there a way to add standard text to all contacts.

    I would like to add a field to all contacts containing a list of key email addresses to our company to appear in a panel and field on every contact. I'm struggling to find a way to do this and assistance would be great?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Glenn,

    Hope, this thread will be helpful:


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      Thanks Vadym, I am aware of this document but when I create for instance a text field, when I put an email address in Default it states none in the contact field and doesn't show the email address. If I create a new contact it will show, but it won't add it to existing records. The only alternative would be to import from csv to all records, but wasn't sure if there was an easier way?


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        It is much easier to change one field for all contacts (works on any field btw). You add your email field , that should have a constant value to the mass update field (in the layout manager). Then itt apperas in the list of possible fields, that you can change all at once in the list view of your entity.
        Now you go to your list view, mar all fields, on top left choose from the drop-down mass update, in the modal dialogue choose the desired field, and done.

        Standard values from the field editor only happen on new records, as you already saw.


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          That's just the job, thanks


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            Apologies, not quite the job.

            The email addresses although are a hyperlink and will start to compose an email do not populate the "To" field in the email to be sent. Is there a way to do this please? Thanks again.


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              You would like to have the email adress right away in the opening email? And how do you send the mail, from espoCRM? Or from a client like Outlook, Thunderbird?


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                From espoCRM


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                  In that case you can create an email template, where you can put the field as placeholder in the subject. You call that email from your record and the email entity will open with the subejct already filled in.


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                    That's a great idea. Sometimes you think too deep. Thanks again