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How to give users different colors in calender?

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  • How to give users different colors in calender?

    to optimize calender view, I would like to give users of my team differnt colors in calender. How can i do this?
    We´re using google sync, but the users are all in same color in Espo calender, not as shown in Espo preview. (See picture)
    Thanks for answers!
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    The colors are not user dependent, but event dependent (call is red, meting blue, task green)

    To have anything that shows calendar for certain teams ( I think not users), you may configure shared calendars, where the team users are shown up in the events.
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      Hi shalmaxb!
      Thanks fo your anwer.The shared calenders are a nice thing, bud is there any possibility to configure them? For example: Both attachments showing the same week. You must agree, that in left picture its easier to find time free for a new appointment. I would like to configure my espo calender in the same (or nearly simular) way.
      Do you have an idea?