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  • DeDuplicate Records

    Hello. Can I de-duplicate records after they have been imported? The only way I have found so far is by import however these records have already been imported.

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    After the import is done you will be able to revert created records, see duplicates and updated records. Duplicate means that there was a similar record in the system. You can remove all imported duplicates at once. Note: Revert doesn't work with updated records


    • dodom2
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      Good Morning Maximus. The list is blank. Is there another way around this to where I can set my criteria on how to check for duplicates?

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    I don't think there is a quick option to do it via the GUI yet.

    My suggestion and how I did it previously is, if I haven't done anything to any of the Record (or very little that can easily be copied over) I would just delete all newly created Record.

    Fix up my duplicated offline using Excel or which tools fit, then import it again now de-duplicated (hopefully without any missed record).

    The import function can only set the "unique" value which will determine if it to be updated or create. Best of luck.


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      How to take out a list of Duplicate Contacts using Phone Number as the unique ID? Can someone help me?