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How to add tracking url without using mass email feature?

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  • How to add tracking url without using mass email feature?


    I need to know when an email is opened and link in the email is clicked.
    The email should be sent on contact create immediately without delay.
    The email will contain a link to open. How can i achieve this using tracking url and send email workflow features?

    If this feature is not already there, tell me how can I achieve this in custom coding.

    Also please tell how to check bounced emails in the same?

    Already went through this:
    I think I kind of understand how to set up a campaign and mass-mail to everybody in a list. What if I just want to send a message to one person and learn if

    Thanks in advance.
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    There is no such a feature. It's bounded to mass email and hard to separate.
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      Can I create some run service action and attach it to workflow?

      Is there any plan on implementing this feature in future (RoadMap)?


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        If you know, how to implement what you want with service action, of course you can use workflow.
        No, it's not planned for now