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Two Opportunity item list is showing

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  • Two Opportunity item list is showing

    While converting Lead to Opportunity it is showing 2 Opportunity Item List and only bottom one is working, If update the first one after converting it will show empty. My Espo version is 8.1.5 and Sales pack version is 2.1.5. Please find the attachment. How can i resolve this issue? is this a bug?
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    Hi Ashif Malayil,

    It is not necessary to mention any of the community members in the very first message of the created topic, because other users will think that this is not a discussion topic, but an individual request. And as a result, they do not take part in the discussion, and therefore cannot give you advice.

    In Espo Version 8.0.3, after creating opportunity item list is going empty. I have to update it again. Sometime while selecting some products also it is showing some error 'invalid item'. Previously Item List from Administration > Entity Manager > Opportunity > Layouts > Detail​ view.​ I have removed it from layout
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      This issue happens after Upgrading sales pack from 1.1.9 to 2.1.5.

      Before while converting and creating opportunity if i add product in 'Item list' it will get saved after converting/creating, but now what happens is what ever i added in 'Item list' is not showing after it got converted/created (empty). But if add it in 'Item' it is there even after converting/creating.

      So i thought remove 'Item list' form layout and bring 'Item' to layout. But i am not able to Tick 'Link Multiple Field' in Relationship.

      Can you please tell how can i resolve this issue? One more doubt is, if i am going to lose the data which i had saved in Item list previously?
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