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Update Record after relationship deleted

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  • Update Record after relationship deleted

    Hello everyone

    I have this configuration in EspoCRM. There is two entitys:

    Contract/Implementation; Case.

    In "Case" we configured a read-only field "Consumed Hour" that the user only has one chance to fill in.
    This "Consumed Hour" updates the "Remaining hour" and "Consumed Case Hour" of the "Contract/Implementation".

    The remaining time is calculated automatically using a formula:

    remainingHours = contractedHours - consumedHours;
    consumedHours = consumedHours + consumed1;‚Äč

    Here is two workflows to these entities work well:

    Update the record consumed1 to 0 when the Consumed Case Hour is changed

    Update Record Consumed1 > field > Consumed Hour after a CASE is created.

    The problem is that when a case is deleted, the "Remaining Hours" and the "Consumed Case Hour" of "Contract/Implementation" should be updated, but this doesn't happen
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    Should be possible by formula entity\isAttributeChanged:


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      Use signal type workflow and choose @delete then execute your script or you can put all of the two workflows in a bpmn.