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  • changing default types


    is it possible to change types like (relationship-)link-types, field-types etc. which were set by default? there are useful fields and relationships which I want to use but with another type..

    For example, I want to edit the relationship-type:
    Campaign campaign One-to-Many contacts Contact


    Campaign campaigns Many-to-Many contacts Contact

    Creating a new relationship like this doesn't work, because
    Link with the same name already exists.

    Thank you in advance

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    You can't change type of core relationships.


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      I have this working but I think I edited the entityDef directly.

      The campaign field is the campaign that the user originated from (comes from the Lead conversion).

      I think you're wanting to store which contacts the campaign has been sent to ?

      In that case you can have this campaigns relationship in addition, however you will also need to have the record inserted to campaign_contact table at the same time as inserting a 'Sent' log record into campaign_log_record.

      I'm not sure why this doesn't happen by default, as it allows you to see who has been marketed to with a particular campaign. It's a very simple change.


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        You can fix this by renaming the 'contacts' name to 'contacts2' or similar. The name is not important.


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          thank you @alasdaircr

          yea you're right I want to list every contact which attended a campaign (event). because it is possible that one contact attended more than one campaign I need this relationship-type. I tried renaming it and it worked :thumbsup:

          but can you tell me how to set search filter to this? I want to filter in "Contacts"-Entity the newly added relationship to "campaigns2", but it won't show up there. There is only the default field "Campaign" (One-to-Many relataionship-type)..

          and also what do you mean by that:
          at the same time as inserting a 'Sent' log record into campaign_log_record.

          greetings to you


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            Hi yeah so when a campaign is sent, it adds rows to the campaign_log_record table for each recipient. But you would need to modify the code so that when a 'sent' log is saved l it also adds the contact to the campaign.

            So this needs to happen first, and then you can add the filter,

            I will make up a patch because I am doing this exact thing and will post it for you. It's just a few changes.


            • vtran
              vtran commented
              Editing a comment
              ok cool, thank you

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            This will apply against a current installation of Espo. Sorry but you'll need to figure out how to patch it yourself

            I suggest you remove your customisations, and then Admin -> Rebuild and then refresh your browser. this only covers campaign sent from now onwards, not previous ones.

            Also - this is only needed because there is no filtering of the Campaign Log Records which would be much more useful.........


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              By the way vtran I have a patch which introduces eventbrite support into Espo listing it as a separate activity beside Emails / Meetings etc.

              Just incase you're using campaigns to track eventbrite events ?


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                Hey @alasdaircr,

                cool patch there! When do you want to make your merge request? I'd rather wait for this before I patch it by myself..

                I don't need eventbrite, but thanks anyway!

                Have a nice weekend


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                  Not sure they'll accept it? Can see what yuri thinks.


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                    I will think