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Problem with Mass Campaign and send 'Attempts'

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  • Problem with Mass Campaign and send 'Attempts'

    I can send test emails fine but when sending via mass campaigns I see in the campaign log that the status is marked as 'pending' but the value in the column 'attempts' slowly increases from 0 to 3 for each contact and then the status of the campaign send is marked as 'complete' - and each contact status is then set as 'failed' but nothing has been sent out. There's nothing listed in the campaign log. Prior attempts using another target list as a test (with just a couple of contacts) seems to work fine.

    There's nothing in the error log at all and no other information that I can find about what has gone wrong with this increasing number of 'attempts'. I couldn't even find a reference to what these attempts might mean in the documentation.

    Does anyone have any clues at all?
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    Hi wondertrout,

    Have you configured crontab for your instance?


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      Thanks Vadym. Yes, cron is set up and working cotrrectly. I can send out a very simple template fine. It seems to be whenever I add an image into the email that it fails. However, using the same template and sending the email direct to the user from the contact record does work correctly. So, the template with the image will send to individual users but when exactly the same template is being used for a mass email, it tries 3 times and then fails.


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        Ok, found the issue in case it helps anyone else - I was sending from another SMTP server on another domain and it didn't like the images being served from the Espo directory on a different domain. So, to fix it I have to publish the images for the mass email campaign onto the server with the same destination domain and then link the images in the email template from there. Once I did that, it seemed to work sending mass emails again.

        Why this worked sending individual emails but not mass emails, I'm not sure. At least I seem to have found a solution!