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Design Feature: Optional Tabs for Panels and Relationship Panels

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  • Design Feature: Optional Tabs for Panels and Relationship Panels

    Hi Guys,

    It become very difficult to browse through an entity (record) information when the entity has many fields and many relationship panels. It would be good to have an option on the entity manager to select the mode to view a record, suggestion would:

    - Default view mode (as currently presented for a record view)
    - a Tabbed panels e.g (choose to make the panels contains fields to be viewed as Tabs) Also ability to select a Tabbed version for the relationships.

    When an entity has loads of data it becomes difficult to search for a piece of information (either field or relationship panel). Please see attached screenshot for your reference.
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    This feature has been developed as a free extension by papermoon see:, actually your screen shot is the same as the one shown in that posting...
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      I know but i thought something more configurable developed by the team would be awesome, meaning given an option to the user to choose what entity they would want to show as tabbed panels and/or tabbed relationship. i suggested this based on what papermoon has created because it would make the user experience much better.