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  • tabbed record view extension

    This is my first release of a tabbed record view extension. As I am still quite new in the Espo universe, please bear with me if something doesn't work as expected. Also I know nothing about older versions of Espo, so I made this only installable for >= 7.0.8. The extension will write a new custom\Espo\Custom\Resources\metadata\clientDefs\G lobal.json and custom\Espo\Custom\Resources\metadata\app\ so please doublecheck if the mentioned files already exist and eventually modify them manually and copy the other files to their places shown in the zip. Also the installation process needs write access to client/custom/modules. At least in my installation this is restricted, so as mentioned above if something goes wrong copy and modify the files manually. You see that the installation process of this extension needs to improve. If you find the extension useful I will definitely work on this.Oh and last but not least ... I called the extension "tabbed record view" but in the bootstrap world this is called pills - I prefer them over tabs and will make the decision between tabs and pills available as config option.
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    Hi, thanks for your friendly contribution. I will test it and report any possible problems.


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      contribute to espoCRM ... respect.

      nice feature requested longtime ago.


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        Looks nice. Is it configurable as to what you want displaying in the tabs?


        • papermoon
          papermoon commented
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          No. It is enabled for all entities. All normal panels are shown in tabs. Hidden panels can be shown via "..." below the tabs and sticky panels are always visible and not shown in tabs.

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          Thanks. I'm not much of a coder, so looking forward to when the installation method streamlines.

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        Very cool, one more reason for me to upgrade to v7... maybe in 2022 I will.

        I added it to the 'wiki':


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          Nice work !


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            Hi there, very nice and useful extension.
            I just realized a bug here. When the Tab/Panel in the details layout contains more than one word, (space or special characters actually) tab it's not working.
            Also destroys PDF templates, I gues for the same reason, because contains panel names with spaces and those are non editable.
            It works ok at the bottom panel layout.
            Wish you can fix it easily.
            Thank u!
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            • yuri
              yuri commented
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              The upcoming EspoCRM version will have tabs.

            • Athensmusic
              Athensmusic commented
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              Oh good news.

            • papermoon
              papermoon commented
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              Great news yuri. Thank you very much.
              Since I have very little time at the moment, I guess I will leave the plugin as it is and I'm looking forward for the new EspoCRM release.