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Ability to view who is online and chat with each other

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  • Ability to view who is online and chat with each other

    Hello , it would be nice to have a feature. There would be a chat box just like Facebook's desktop has. ability to see which members are online and can chat with them.

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    I am looking for it . Chat should be realtime and it would be better if it has features like popup notification, read or unread and should be able to attach the attachment .


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      Is this on the roadmap?


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        No, it isn't on the roadmap.


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          Internal chat is a good feature, but it's against the idea of the CRM. The communication should be available for supervisors/managers. The existing Notes/Stream functionality suits it well. It's already possible to communicate between users and teams, but the UI is not chat-like.


          • minhaj
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            But let's say a manager wants to send a message to all employees into a common channel where everyone can see the message. A Manager can create a poll and employees can vote there.

          • yuri
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            It's already possible to send a message to all employees. As well as to specific teams, users and portals.

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          We have recently started using which is a real game changer in collaboration and a very powerful tool. Potentially a channel could be embedded inside EspoCRM. If it had a separate tab on the dashboard those looking for this type of feature would have everything they need.


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            This is probably the best extension for what you described:

            EspoCRM extension "Messenger center" from BPM4B. Extension can be customized, extended, and configured to meet the unique needs of your business.

            Seems to be made really well.