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show a list of all field related to a linkMultiple field

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  • show a list of all field related to a linkMultiple field

    Hi Guys,

    I have a relationship between a custom entity called (Vendor) and contacts as a One to many (one vendor has many contacts) i have set up the relationship but what i want to do is to show contacts field as a field list (meaning instead of showing only contact name i want to show more fields on the contacts field) i am not interested to have a relationship panel for contacts. hence on the relationship i have set the contacts as (Link Multiple Field) checked meaning i want to be able to add the contacts into the vendor detail layout but i need to show more field of the contacts like contact role / phone number / email etc...

    This is similarly done on the sales package for opportunity and opportunityItems, please see attached screenshot.

    telecastg emillod item any help guys will be appreciated.
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    I think what you are looking for is Link Multiple Inline Form by eymen-elkum at

    You could probably develop a custom view by reusing the sales pack code if you own it, but why the hassle when there's such a good extension available?
    It's not cheap but not that expensive either and the developer actively support it.


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      i already have the extension but i need to do this as custom work hence i need to add more custom rowActions and changes the styling of the list.


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        You could use the List Plus extension to accomplish something like this example, where the "Service Ticket" (shown in detail) has many "Work Orders" (shown as a relationship panel) . You would use the listSmall layout to define which fields are to be shown in the relationship panel and the extension will allow you to perform on the fly updating of the Work Orders.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	list plus sub-form example.png
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        Not cheap either but a lot less expensive than spending hours trying to developing it oneself


        • rabii
          rabii commented
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          Hi @telecastg,

          Thanks for offering this i would consider the extension if it would fit my need however what i want is different from what the extension offers. i need to build an ArrayJason field which would hold the collection of related data in my case a collection of contacts related to each vendor and show them on the detail view of the vendor entity i want to show them as enabled (Link Multiple Field) so i would have a list of contact embedded in the overview section of each vendor. something like the opprtunityItems in an opportunity detail view.

          i appreciate your offer and definitely i would consider purchasing your extension if a need raised in future, i admire your work.


        • czcpf
          czcpf commented
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          Does this support nested inline? For instance, in your example above say we had “Service Call Types” which was an entity that had multiple fields and I wanted to be able to add them inline on the same row as the work order above.

        • telecastg
          telecastg commented
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          I am sorry but I don't understand exactly what you would like to accomplish.

          If you have a ServiceCallType entity linked to the Service Ticket, you could display it in a panel under the Work Orders and you would have the same functionality.

          If this is not what you would like to do, could you post a picture of it ?

          The list plus extension allows you to edit any entity in list view, the fields displayed are set by the administrator in the list or listSmall layouts.