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Two different bottom panels for the same Entity.

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  • Two different bottom panels for the same Entity.


    I'm trying to add two different bottom panels for the same Entity, applying different filters on each one.
    This way I could have two different tables on the screen, with the prettended information on each table.
    After dragging a specific Entity from the available list, it is not possible to drag it again because it is not on that list anymore.
    I'm also not aware how to filter information on a bottom panel, I was searching on the website but could not find such information.

    Any ideas how to achieve this?

    Many thanks in advance for your comments.

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    Can't be done out of the box through GUI. You will need to do some sort of coding, can't help you though.

    One suggestion that can be done through GUI involve using creating (1) New Entity, (2) Relationship, (3) creating Foreign field, then finally using that new Entity as Bottom Panels. I think it should work with some information delay/lag.


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      I'm not sure am i understanding you correctly, but you want to show two different bottom panels(let's assume it's relation panel). You could create two different relations, then you'll be able to display those two panels.

      You can also create hook which will clone relation fields, from one relation to another. This is additional but without that you'll need to link record through relation field twice.

      + what do you mean by filters? In relation panels?

      + i know that maybe it's not a best approach, but maybe only available.


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        I think I have the same question, but not entirely sure. I have an entity 'Research Users' that has relationships to two other modules - Accounts and Research Items. Because I can only change the single 'small list view' in the layout for the entity 'research users' I can't display different fields in panel when switching between Account and Research Items entities. I can only create a single small list view. Therefore, I have to duplicate the related fields in both Accounts and Research Items so that I can see the other related fields in the view. So, to be even clearer, when I go to the view under 'accounts' I have an account field listed in the sub panel - which makes sense when I view the Research Items view but is simply duplicated while I'm looking at the 'Accounts' entity view. It seems there's no way to select different sub panel views - you only have a single option regardless of how many other entities relate to it. I hope that makes sense....


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          you can create both relationships panels through code only and you then you can implement filters for each. have a look at the Task panel and see how it is done then you can try to use it as a source to implement yours.


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            Maybe this post can help: