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  • .png image attachment


    I created Case with .png images attached but it shows only empty thumbnails not image (see case1.png). If I click on empty thumbnail - the image appears (see case2.png). If I change these image extension from .png to .jpg the image is displayed as normal (see case3.png).
    The problem is with these .png images, other .png images is displayed as usual.

    EspoCRM version: 7.0.9
    data/logs says:

    [2022-08-11 05:10:45] WARNING: E_WARNING: imagecreatefrompng(): "data/upload/62f345d7e609d2a3a" is not a valid PNG file {"code":2,"message":"imagecreatefrompng(): "data/upload/62f345d7e609d2a3a" is not a valid PNG file","file":"C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\EspoCRM4\\applica tion\\Espo\\EntryPoints\\Image.php","line":281} []
    [2022-08-11 05:10:45] ERROR: Uncaught Exception TypeError: "imagecopyresampled(): Argument [NODE="2"]Forum[/NODE] ($src_image) must be of type GdImage, bool given" at C:\xampp\htdocs\EspoCRM4\application\Espo\EntryPoi nts\Image.php line 291 {"exception":"[object] (TypeError(code: 0): imagecopyresampled(): Argument [NODE="2"]Forum[/NODE] ($src_image) must be of type GdImage, bool given at C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\EspoCRM4\\application\\Espo\\En tryPoints\\Image.php:291)"} []
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    Hi, Paulina
    No problems with images were detected either in the cloud 7.1.9 or locally 7.1.10. I tried both .png and .PNG. The specific images you attach are probably the problem. Can you send examples of such original pictures?


    • Paulina
      Paulina commented
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      Hi, Victor,

      I sent you an image

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    Could be that these images have wrong extension, not matching their real type.


    • partomas
      partomas commented
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      yuri, might be you are right if JPG was renamed to PNG, but might be there are a way to show these renamed images as well?
      Customers to support sending different type files looks like in this case a phone photo renamed to png