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    I need to hire someone to build a custom autodialer. I will buy the plugin here if that's the best option but I need it to work slightly differently than the plugin. First, I need to be able to work with my current VoIP service (Mightycall) where I have SIP login data, etc.

    I would also need a way to select a certain number of contacts in the database for auto-dialing. I don't want predictive but do want auto-dialing.

    I would also like a script screen to display during the dialing session.


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    Hi there,

    We should be able to help with this, would you be able to drop us an email to get an estimate?

    Email Me :

    Kind regards,
    Carter W


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      Thank you for responding to my request.

      In essence, I need a dialer/autodialer built into the CRM. We can use something similar to the VoIP extension, which may cut down on programming. I have a lot of customization to do and would like to find a developer who can assist.

      The biggest difference I need is the ability for the extension to act as a SIP phone in a sense. Currently, we use Micrisip ( In essence, I would need the ability for each agent of mine to insert SIP credentials instead of using things Asterisk etc. We have a service and I supply each agent with SIP credentials through Microsip.

      I would also need the ability to set display information, again the way Microsip does where it displays the phone number assigned to the agent. This is necessary because our agents call in various parts of the US.

      Please let me know your thoughts on this and if you have people who can program additional functions and extensions.