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Looking for a developer to customize Espocrm (en/ru/ua)

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  • Looking for a developer to customize Espocrm (en/ru/ua)

    Good day everyone.

    Looking for experienced developer (or a team) to help me customize EspoCRM and hook it up to a front end to capture leads.

    We got a small company providing buying services of various vehicles from auto auction websites in US.

    Typical scenario:
    A client would go on our website, fill out a form and send us a lot# of the vehicle, max bid price, and contact info;
    A lead would come into the CRM and taken care of by a customer rep.
    Need a feature where clients would register an account and will be able to drop a deposit in USD via Stripe, or wire transfer.
    Once order has been accepted, a client would need to sign a contract via online system such as DocuSign service or similar.
    After a vehicle has been bought, a client would need to be notified via email and/or sms about status. This module is a must.
    Finally, after a payment has been maid, documents will need to be signed (again via DocuSign) and sent to a client and us.

    Also, would need a script to grab vehicle details from auction websites and copy them into our db so clients can perform a search within our website. I have examples to show.

    Development time-frame 1-2 month.

    Send me a PM with contact details!

    Note: I am somewhat tech-savvy. Feel free to talk with me with in technical terms, I know how stuff works.

    Communication language: Russian preferably, Ukrainian is always welcome; English is fine too

    PS: Ребята, я говорю по-русски. Было бы здорово найти серьёзных людей с кем можно поработать.
    Всё-таки насколько я понимаю этот продукт (EspoCRM) разработан в Украине, всегда буду рад сотрудничеству с земляками.

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    I'm not sure why, but i can't send you private message.
    We already built many external forms which are connected to EspoCRM. We even use few of them in our company ​ Everything is working on EspoCRM API.
    You can read about us on our website:

    Feel free to contact me through our email:

    Best regards


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      HighCommander, We’re experienced in EspoCRM customization for our client's needs. We help in enhancing and developing robust solutions using open source platforms. We can design and create a top-quality, robust solution without the need to acquire a commercial license.

      Let's discuss Comprehensive Insights on a discovery call, drop me a line

      Speak to you soon!



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        I can help.

        You can reach me on Skype: cis.am4 or Email: so that we can discuss this further.