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  • Fatal error : Declaration

    I was trying to upgrade from 5.9.4 to 6.0.10 and received this error:
    PHP Fatal error: Declaration of Espo\Modules\Advanced\Repositories\MailChimp::getM apper() must be compatible with Espo\ORM\Repository\RDBRepository::getMapper(): Espo\ORM\Mapper\Mapper in /srv/data/web/vhosts/ on line 57

    Would you be able to help and tell me how this could be fixed?
    Thanks in advance


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    Sound like it related to the extension MailChimp, perhaps disable/move or do an upgrade on it before upgrading?

    Not sure if you upgrade with the GUI or SSH, I think you (might) be able bypass this error when using SSH.


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      Hi, thanks for your feed back.
      I am actually not using Mailchimp at all, I was using CLI to run the upgrade and did a few ones just before getting this error. Is there a way to disable this extension from the CLI? or should I just try to removed the php files related to Mailchimp in the Espo repository?


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        Try removing application/Espo/Modules/Advanced manually.

        Then install advanced pack the normal way.


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          Thanks Yuri, I will give it a try. However I never updated the advanced pack I purshased a few years ago. Might also be the problem when updating?


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            Since I could not have access to the application, I reinstalled it with my backup and then I could acces to the admin and uninstall the extension completely. I will run the upgrades without extension activated, this should be ok. thanks for our support.


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              I was able to run the full upgarde to latest version of the application using CLI. However, the frontend application is still running Version 5.5.6. Is there anything I should do ?

              Upgrade is complete. Current version is 7.0.7.
              You have the latest version

              Attached the version status from the application.

              Thank you!
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                Sound like it fail to be honest or might have upgrade it in a different server/folder/domain?

                You can test to see this by either looking at new file that v7 have (e.g. config-internal or something like this), does this file exist? Secondly, try running the upgrade again to see if it detect it as v7 or v5?

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              Thank you for your answer.

              Where can I see this config-internal file? at the first level of the folder with the upgrade.php for instance?
              When I run the upgrade from the CLI it detects the version 7.07 and tells me that I am running the last version, when I go to the admin upgrade from the web app it detects the version 5.5.6. Should I then try to upgrade from the application directly and see what will be the result?


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                For some reason it has finally detected the older version 5.5.6 and I could run the upgrade again. So it seems that the path was not correct event though in the terminal I have exactly the same. Thanks for your guidance anyway. Happy to have received the update!


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                  I take it that all went well ( and end well)?

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                Yes at it all ended well, thanks again for your guidances.