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Field validation failure on record "Duplicate" after 8.0.5 upgrade

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  • Field validation failure on record "Duplicate" after 8.0.5 upgrade

    Greetings, Im seeing this issue after upgrading to 8.0.5 that shows itself only when trying to duplicate a record

    WebUI error - Error 400: Bad request, field: off, validation: validCurrency
    HTML Code:
    Log error: [2023-11-15 05:46:39] WARNING: (400) Field validation failure; entityType: Debited, field: off, type: validCurrency.; POST /Debited; line: 56, file: /var/www/html/application/Espo/Core/Exceptions/BadReques>
    This entity is called Debited, and is used for registering spending from bank accounts and from till (cash)
    I understand that this has to do with currency, our Espo currently uses 2, Russian ruble and Thai Baht

    The entity structure that is afftected (as far as I understand from the logs)
    There is a field called "off", that is used as kind of a marker for another entity to determine either "off" or "on" state
    Formula used in the Debited entity:
    ifThen(till == 'till1', off=sum);
    ifThen(till == 'till2', on=sum);
    ifThen(till != 'till1', off=0);
    ifThen(till != 'till2', on=0);
    The "off" field has a condition "visible only if sum = 9 999 999 999 rub"
    That was my way to hide it, since I want it non visible

    Not sure what direction to go from here, any help appreciated

    Edit: Probably should also specify that the upgrade was from 7.2.4, and the setup is on docker using :latest image
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    It requires sumCurrency to be a valid currency code. E.g. 'USD'.

    Somehow a not valid currency or null is passed.


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      Checked the browser request, you are right, "offCurrency" is passed as 'null'

      HTML Code:
      Is this the part of the formula that can be doing this?
      HTML Code:
      ifThen(till != 'till1', off=0);


      • DashingUno
        DashingUno commented
        Editing a comment
        Setting default currency to RUB in fieldmanager didn't help

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      Try to reset the field to its default setting, clear cache and rebuild system that might resolve issue. otherwise check if you have any other formula that requires this field.


      • DashingUno
        DashingUno commented
        Editing a comment
        Clear cache and rebuild unfortunately didn't help
        I also tried inputting this into the formula

        ifThen(till != 'till1', offCurrency="RUB");

        That didnt work either

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      try this

      PHP Code:
      if (till != 'till1') {
      Can you also check fi you have any hooks - beforesave or aftersave that reset the offCurrency Field.


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        Thank you rabii , you first advice on clearing cache and rebuilding actually did help
        Just not with old records, anything new I create after clearing cache now works fine.