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Campaigns and mass emails... I don't understand it

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  • Campaigns and mass emails... I don't understand it

    Folks, I used Espo years ago, and now with 8.0.2 I am a bit confused how to work and don't understand the documentation.

    Let's say I have 5000 accounts. In half of them I have 2-5 contacts in various roles and departments.

    Now I assign the accounts to a new campaign which is meant to use mass email. How do I make sure the emails are only sent to people with certain properties like department or role?

    Bonus question: how do I find accounts that do not have contacts assigned yet? I want to hire a helper to research the right contacts but in order to do that I want to filter the list of accounts.

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    If you assign accounts to a campaign (the email will be sent to the accounts not the contacts). If you want to send email to contact, you need to assign contacts to the campaign.

    Bonus reply: If you have advanced Pack you can create a reports and then create a targetList that is synchronized with the report and use the targetList in the campaign.


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      You need to create a target list, which takes some time... If you only want specific contacts added, then you need to filter them.

      E.g. On the target list, click on the three dots in the contacts panel and choose select.
      Then click on the three dots next to the search field with the spyglass. There you can filter the contacts by account, account title etc.


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        You can also use the Import tool to import contacts into the CRM with adding them into a specific target list.

        If you have a spreadsheet with email addresses, you can Import with update-only option. The system will find matching contacts and add to a specified target list.


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          Let me try to understand this:

          I can't setup a campaign adding 5,000 companies of a certain type (like industry or size) and tell the campaign to only send emails to people in a certain position like "CIO" (if there is one, in 70% of the cases), right?
          My next idea would be to find companies where there is a contact labeled "CIO", then select those thousands of contacts. But I don't see how I could do that. If I turn it around and search in the contacts I can find people "CIO" contacts, but I can't filter that by company type, right?

          So I have to browse 5,000 companies, see whether they have a CIO contact, select each of them manually and assign it to a campaign?

          Also, I cannot search for the companies that don't have a CIO contact? I would love to assign that part of the list to an intern and research the names.

          Tell me this is not true. I get a headache.

          I am really desperate to find a solution for this.... and I even asked ChatGPT... it told me to ask you for things like this:

          SELECT * FROM Accounts
          WHERE id NOT IN (SELECT account_id FROM Contacts WHERE Position LIKE '%CIO%')


          SELECT * FROM Accounts
          WHERE id NOT IN (SELECT account_id FROM Contacts)
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            If you have Advanced Pack.

            1. Create a list Report that filters Contacts that have 'CIO' position (not sure what do you use for position, by default, we have the 'Account Title' field).
            2. Create a new Target List, in the 'Sync with Report' panel, select your created list report.
            3. After creating, click 'Sync Now' on the 'Sync with Report'.

            You can also set up an automatic scheduled sync.

            If you don't have Advanced Pack.

            1. Create a Target List.
            2. In the panel 'Contact', click 'Select' from the dropdown.
            3. Add filter ''Account Title', enter "CIO".
            4. Click a big search button or Ctrl + Enter. It will filter needed contacts.
            5. Now you need to Select All Results (from the small dropdown next to the top checkbox) and then click 'Select'.

            Now you have your target list populated with needed contacts.


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              If you have advanced Pack you can create a reports that list all contacts who have a title as (CIO) - a list report. Where account title equals 'CIO'

              Then create a target list and on right side panel you can enable synchronization with the report so that the target list will be populated automatically from the repot. Then use that target list in your campaign. It is easy to set this up with any manual work. You just need the Advanced Pack.