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add a custom entity to TaskList

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  • add a custom entity to TaskList

    the standard of relations to targetList is
    • accounts
    • campains
    • contacts
    • leads
    • users
    • (and some special more)
    all with n:n to targetLists
    I want to add my custom entity persons to taskLists - so I add a relationship takslist n:n persons.
    Clear cache.
    Now I expected to see a new sub filed persons in the details of my added taskList named test (to select records from persons to this taskList)... but there is no!
    What is missing to show the new sub-field persons?
    Otherwise - I didn't use accounts and contacts so I want to delete their relations in taskList - but there is no delete.
    How to make them invisible (I've already set account on inactiv) or delete them? Only in code?


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    Hi ctheuring,

    Please clarify what exactly you mean:
    1. Task List in an entity with Person type (screenshot 1 and 2)?
    2. #TargetList for this entity with Person type (screenshot 3)?

    - If step 2, then it is necessary to create a Many-to-Many relationship between the entity with Person type and the TargetList (as far as I understand, it is done as in screenshot 4).
    - Make Rebuild.
    - Go in Administration > Entity Manager > Target List > Layouts > Bottom Panels and add your entity with Person type (screenshot 5).
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      sorry, sorry, sorry - a beginners mistake :-(
      I forgot to change the layout of bottom panels - your screenshot No. 5 brings me on the way !
      Thanks victor.