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    I have a question about the notifications that are presented to me, among other things, by a small bell in the top right corner.

    I only want to get a notification when a real user, even from another team, has mentioned me.

    I do not want to receive a notification of an incoming email. Because this gets confusing very quickly.

    How can I adjust that? I looked under "Notifications" or under User Settings but couldn't find anything that would have helped.​

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    Tried here under User Settings, Disable Emails?
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      Hi, of course, but it doesn't work.


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        The same it would be nice, when i could see only the posts in the activity dashlet on startpage and no system events, but there is no setting for this.


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          The solution for you is in Preferences > Your_User_Name > Notifications:

          Click image for larger version

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          However, please note that you will receive a notification from the top right of the screen in all records to which you Fallowed, even if the posts there were not addressed to you via @your_name:

          Click image for larger version  Name:	2.png Views:	0 Size:	28.2 KB ID:	95612
          So you also need to decide on the Auto-Fallow rules in Preferences > Your_User_Name > Misc:

          Click image for larger version  Name:	3.png Views:	0 Size:	47.5 KB ID:	95613
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            Hi victor, thank you so much. I work with EspoCRM Version 7.3.4., there is no setting "messages" . At the moment I don't want to update because we have a large application attached to the API. My programmer has to do that in the coming weeks.


            • victor
              victor commented
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              I edited screenshot 1: of the previous message that confused you...

              Meanwhile, entity "Message", name of which "VoipMessage" actually refers to SMS messages, not to Posts in the Stream. And this entity will appear after installing the "VoIP Integration" extension. That is, an update of the version of EspoCRM is of no use here.

              However, don't wait too long with Upgrade, because you won't be able to use the new functionality.

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            I asked same question but the answer as far as I know it is not possible! I consider this a bug but there is no way for me to reproduce this easily to show boss Yuri.

            Right now I'm just ignoring it all together. Sadly I don't even use this feature at the moment. If you find a solution that be good

            One thing I haven't tried is the "Unfollow", but how do I determine which to unfollow to stop receiving email notification...


            • yuri
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              When something is not possible (no such feature) it's not a bug.

            • espcrm
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              Thanks yuri . I guess it should be a "feature request" then

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            I'll consider the ability to specify note types to be ignored for notification. But we are too busy now. I can't finish a long lasting project for months because every day I'm distracted to other tasks, emails, questions, etc. I need a few months free of distractions to be able to finish it. Then I need a month or so to complete all accumulated smaller tasks (features, bugs).

            I'm going to be unavailable on the forum for some time.
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              Very weird, these setting seem to disappear for me. Let look forward to Milestone v8.2 (possible).

              Click image for larger version

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