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Create Portal User via API, or without Administrator?

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  • Create Portal User via API, or without Administrator?

    Been researching this one and not seeing a way around the issue:

    How can Portal Users be created without Administrator access?

    Does not seem possible using Workflows from the Advanced Pack.

    Does not seem possible via the API?

    Only way is with Administrator access?

    Is there a way to do this without hacks?

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    I think this should do the trick


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      Hi migrator,

      For any user creating you can use the following formula script (specifically in the Formula for some entity or in Workflow / BPM):

      To create any user via Workflow / BPM, you can also use the following suggested option:


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        Awesome! Thanks Kharg. That does look like exactly what we need. Will be jumping on that. The way the extensions offered there are presented is very professional and the extensions seem thorough from the outside looking in. Is that your shop?

        And lazovic, I love your Advance Pack examples in two cases now. I will look through those links extensively. You have some serious insight. Thank you very much.


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          It another developer shop. Recently enter the forum iirc, maybe 2 months ago?