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  • Marketing request for meeting adjustement


    I am little strugling with one request from Marketing - they would like to track who we invite to meeting / if meeting was accepted and if invited person physically attended this meeting. I know first two option can be easily followed by meeting invitation (to track who I invited) and feedback will confirm / tenntative / decline. But how to resolve last request - fill into Espo system that this company attended and this company did not and goal is to have this information visible by the contact by the meeting and by organisation...

    Also - There was request if we can adjust graphic of meeting invitation - how to add signature / logo for example.

    Thank you for any tip or help.

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    Hi Jakub Vylicil,

    Do I understand correctly that you want Companies to be displayed in the Attendees list of Meeting? If yes, then EspoCRM currently supports only 3 types of attendees out-of-the-box: Users, Contacts, Leads. Without changes in the code, adding any other type of entity to the Attendees list will not work.
    However, you can try changing this code using the following instructions (be sure to make a backup before that): Also, keep in mind that this manual may be out of date.

    The template for invitation emails can be changed at Administration > Template Manager > Invitation.


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      Hi lazovic​, Thank you for your answer - it is in deed helpfull - I was still thinking about list of "companies" with checkbox Attended? Yes/No, but this solution is also good.

      Thank you and have a good day


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        Hi everyone - one more question - lazovic - I still "fight" with marketing and they find "bottom panel" in meeting and possibility to have there Contacts - and they are asking if I am able / or if it is even possible / to add checkbox into bottom pannel like on picture - the checkbox would be manualy checked by organiser to make evidence on site if person with accepted status physically arrived.

        Click image for larger version

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          Jakub Vylicil,

          This cannot be done through checkboxes, since the field with a checkbox will belong to the contact (if it is displayed in the bottom panel) and it turns out that this checkbox will absolutely not depend on attending a particular meeting.

          I strongly recommend that you use the sidebar with Attendees in this case, as shown in the screenshot:

          Click image for larger version

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          There you can also manually mark the attendance status of each participant.​


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            Hi lazovic - Thank you for clear and helpfull answer - this will work and we can track status easily !!! You are the BEST!