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Anyone start an n8n community node yet?

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  • Anyone start an n8n community node yet?

    n8n is awesome. Has anyone started using n8n with EspoCRM, or even started a community node?

    [ n8n is a way better ( self-hostable ) alternative to Zapier, Make, IFTTT, Automa, Activepieces, Pipedream, etc. ]

    I do not see any EspoCRM community nodes yet though, other than the one I just added as a placeholder:

    But there is even one for the Mikrotik API to automate office network management!

    Consumes Mikrotik REST API. Latest version: 0.1.4, last published: a year ago. Start using @digital-boss/n8n-nodes-mikrotik in your project by running `npm i @digital-boss/n8n-nodes-mikrotik`. There are no other projects in the npm registry using @digital-boss/n8n-nodes-mikrotik.

    And all these trigger integrations:

    And all these app node integrations:

    Plus all these core nodes to do work with data:

    I see this being major for EspoCRM:

    - Triggers for all the major events
    - Then all the CRUD actions as outcomes of workflows

    This is all possible to do right now with custom API commands...

    But making a community node would seriously increase EspoCRM popularity in my opinion, because EspoCRM is awesome.

    Would anyone like to develop that together?

    I started a package here, if anyone is interested:

    Would be a long-term background project as I start implementing EspoCRM.
    Free and source-available fair-code licensed workflow automation tool. Easily automate tasks across different services. - GitHub - n8n-io/n8n: Free and source-available fair-code licensed workflow ...
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    Hi there,

    n8n was on my watch list and since the server requirement was not obtainable for me I never look into it further than that. But it is on a to try list somewhere in the closest!

    Anyway, I remember one thread on n8n asking for it but I don't think anything happen!

    So right now you be working from scratch if you plan to implement it! Hopefully you can spear head it usage so that when I day I use it I can piggyback from the existing code.

    Integration with 3rd party wise, EspoCRM is very limited. I think only 2 tools (see the unofficial wiki) support it at the moment, everywhere else you have to configure it yourself. Even with the two 3rd party, I don't see people talk about it very much, either mean it work well that there is no need for it, or no one using it on the forum... or they quiet people.


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      Thank you for letting me know espcrm!

      I have started processing EspoCRM webhooks, and will be pulling data via the API, then moving into much more sophisticated operations and update this thread ( slowly ) as I go.

      It seems like n8n can run very well on a pretty minimal DigitalOcean droplet. I have it containerized alongside many other containers on one droplet right now. You will LOVE it when you can implement it. Extremely powerful, easy to implement, and opens a lot of new opportunities.

      Thanks again for chiming in on this!
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      Hi, yes, we have been using n8n with Webhooks for redirecting Task Created notifications to Telegram, and also Email -> n8n -> Telegram for general notifications, its not as stable as we would want it to be, but it works


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        Very cool DashingUno. But what instability are you seeing?


        • DashingUno
          DashingUno commented
          Editing a comment
          The task fails from time to time, and needs a reboot, we haven't investigated the issue yet though, so I don't have any specific details on exactly what part fails