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Have two different opportunities stages in kanban view

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  • Have two different opportunities stages in kanban view

    In our EspoCRM 6.0.9 installation we have two Teams, so far only one was used.

    Now a second team started wotking and want to have his own specific stages in the opportunities kanban view.

    I didn't see an option to achieve this, something is changed in the new releases to make it possible?

    I have set the conditional options for the stage field in this way but I see anyway all the options with both teams
    Click image for larger version

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    there is no way to achieve this unless if you build you own logic to allow multiple kanban views.


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      Looking at conditional options usage on enum seemed to me was made exactly for this kind of usage.
      What are they used for, and why are not working in this case?


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        dynamic conditions are great to manipulate how certain fields should behave based on certain condition, e.g show certain options on enum field when another enum fields met condition. they are very powerful tool but not meant for what you want. multiple kanban view is ver different and require a lot of thoughts and design before implementing.


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          I probably didn't understand the underlying complexity, to me seems only the need to show (and use) some stages or another, the underlying logic need to remain exactly the same
          If a stage is not shown the user cannot select it, so anyway there will be coherency btwn what is shown and the progressing btw the different stages