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Espocrm and Xero integration

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  • Espocrm and Xero integration

    HI Guys,
    first thing, i am not a developer, but id like to learn.
    I have Xero as my accounting software and id like to integrate it with espocrm. Basically what i need to do is the following.

    When Invoice is created on espocrm it also needs to be created on Xero using the same Inv Number, same as for Quotes... (I also think it can work the other way around, xero to espo)

    I have check (integromat), however it doesnt have the option for invoices or quotes.
    Any help will be highly appreciated it.

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    i think you can manage such scenario if you have Advanced Pack using a workflow or BPMN when an invoice is created in espocrm then send a post request to create an invoice on xero with payload. for the otherway around i think you can use webhooks from xero so that it sends a request to create an invoice on espocrm.

    You need to investigate if this could be done from xero but i am sure with advanced pack you can send a post request to xero to create an invoice.
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      hi thanks for replying, what about invoice or quote number synchronization?

    • rabii
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      i think they could sync if the type of the data match, e.g same type of field on both system should allow to sync both. when sending the request you will include the number on the payload and any other data. do you have Advanced Pack ? read this

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      yes i do have Advanced pack