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Google Calendar entries not visible for third person accessing my calendar

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  • Google Calendar entries not visible for third person accessing my calendar

    Hey everyone,

    person B has access to my Google Calendar but is not part of my CRM since he is an "external" person.
    Now when i create an entry directly in the Google Calendar, person B can see it.
    If i create an entry in espo crm calendar which get synced to the Google calendar, its not visible for the person B.

    Is there a way around this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Please excuse me if i try to bump this topic.

    Is nobody using a shared Google calendar where you create appointments in espo?
    It would make my life so much easier if my partner (which i share my Google calendar but is not part of espocrm) could see my Google calendar entries.


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      Hi keda,

      - I have verified your claim and I can say that the entries created first in EspoCRM and then synchronized with Google Calendar are available to third persons who have access to your Google Calendar (proofs in screenshot 1).
      - A third person was copying this entry for themselves, and screenshot 2 shows step by step how it appeared on my Google Calendar, how the third person saw this entry on a Google Calendar they have access to, on the third person's own Google Calendar, and how it was reflected in EspoCRM.
      - That is, it can be concluded that you simply did not grant the necessary access to a third person on Google's side.

      I used this guide: and gave maximum third party access.
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