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  • Search in Sales Orders or Invoice items


    Im building a CRM for a bike shop. When they sell a bike or several bikses, they wanna write some unique numbers on each item on the sales order or invoice.

    After that they would like to be able to search for a number and the invoice/customer would appear in the search.

    Ive looked at the Entity anager and layout manager, and I can extend the Items with more field. But I cant find out how to link them for search

    Any ideas?

    Another solution could be to everything written in a certain field, would also show in a special list.
    Is that possible at all?

    Thanks for any inputs


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    try Administration->Entity Manager->YourEntity->Layouts->Search Filters -> add ID, and then use three dots next to the search field to be able to filter out by ID
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      Hi Jakub
      Thanks for quick reply. Im not sure where to find the ID. I just tried with your example of a Lead


      • Jakub Grufik
        Jakub Grufik commented
        Editing a comment
        as rabii mentioned, you cannot use ID, sorry my bad it was confusing answer, I meant ID as the unique number you were mentioning in the request. So you need to add to search filters that field, where you are storing the unique numbers you want to be able to search for. In your case it would be Batterinr

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      The Id is a hidden field for security reason so you won't be able to add that to your search. best way is to add ability to search for customer/invoice/sales order on the items. otherwise you can always customise the search functionality on certain list view of record but i am not sure if it will do the job.


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        Ok, thanks. I will look into it some more