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No Email Notification Upon Case Reply

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  • No Email Notification Upon Case Reply

    Hello Everyone,

    Is there a reason why I would not receive an email notification when a contact replied to a case? I have notifications enabled for Cases and have email notifications turned on for my account, but when the reply came in, I did not receive the email.

    The system is still sending and receiving emails for everything else just fine, just not internal notifications for case updates. I do get emails about new cases.


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    Hi marcbeinder,

    In order for the user to receive email notifications about new posts and mentions in the Case, he needs to be logged out in the system.
    Also, you should pay attention to the Stream email notifications scopes item in the Administration > Notifications, so that it contains the entity (in this case, the Case entity) that you need.


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      That's probably why I didn't receive it then, I was logged in at that time. However, it was in a different tab that I hadn't touched in a while. I wonder if it would be beneficial to have a switch that always notifies internal users. Perhaps set it at the user profile level and then a master system level that will always send regardless of the user profile setting.