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PDF Templates not rendering as they should

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  • PDF Templates not rendering as they should

    We have several PDF templates for Invoices and Quotes. Since some time, they are not generated as they should.

    Images are not visible
    Footer is completely not visible (position 40)

    We havent changed the templates.

    Espocrm Version 7.2.7 (But also in 7.2.4)
    Sales Pack: latest version

    When i change the footer position to -130 then footer gets displayed at an A4 page almost correctly.

    In another CRM install for another customer i have almost the same setting (same versions, same templates, just images are different)
    There i have Footer position 40 and it works. Also images are shown there.

    I dont get any info in the logs, that something is wrong.

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    Hi snoo,

    Try to delete the image from template -> save the template -> make a rebuild -> re-insert the image into the template - save, again rebuild and try to generate a PDF document. Try the same with other elements: delete, save, insert again. Usually, such manipulations are enough with templates. Of course, don't forget to make a copy of your template before experimenting.


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      Hi snoo,

      Please tell me how will the PDF file be displayed if you set the Footer value in the required PDF Template such as 70-80, for example? Will there be significant changes?
      And, as far as I understand, this behavior was not observed in EspoCRM v.7.2.0?​​


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        During a v7 update, all my Footer and Header box got uncheck. I need to go back to the template to Check and save it again.

        It may not be related to you, but if it is you just found a quick fix!