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    Hi, How do I export all the data on "Account"? In many "Accounts" I have 2 telephone numbers and 2 e-mail addresses. During normal export, there is only 1 number and 1 e-mail address in the finished file.

    The export he wants to perform concerns over 16 000 records. Is it possible to do it other than by displaying a list of all "Account"? This is a problem because my computer freezes displaying such a large list of records.​

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    Hi lukasz412,

    As for two or so e-mails in one Email field, here, without coding skills, you probably need to do some manual work by creating additional fields for the remaining e-mail addresses. The primary address from the Email field will be exported.

    As for exporting all records, you need to click on the triangle (as shown in the screenshot) and then on "Select All Results".
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      victor Thank you for the quick reply.

      The triangle click solution is great.
      However, while exporting all contacts, I got a "Bad server response" message. Do you know what could be causing this?

      If it exports a few records then everything is fine and the export works fine.​


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        victor I've already solved the problem.
        It was enough to change the export format from Excel to Csv and we managed to export all records.
        Thanks again for your help.​